I am an experienced public speaker and promulgator of public communications best practices. I am based in LA and often travel - check in to find if I'll be coming by your town in the near future.

As of mid 2024, I am asked to speak significantly more often than my schedule allows. I attempt to prioritize opportunities where my insights can deliver exceptional value for the audience while minimizing disruption to my family and company

I have appeared on a number of podcasts over the years.

The Space Cave Part 1. Part 2.

Talk Nerdy To Me about Hyperloop

The Space Show

Coffee Talk Politics: The CosmoEnergyCast

Open Space on Starship. Space Junk and Settlement.

Great Ideas on Starship

RE:Productivity with Casey Handmer and Christine Moran

China Talk: Space Literacy, NASA, and Elon versus the Taliban

Energy.Media to talk about Terraform Industries

Tech Refactored S2E45 Are Satellites Filling Up Low Earth Orbit?

Age of Infinite: Unpacking the Interactions Between Environmental Hostility and Technology Dependence w/ Casey Handmer #51

Orbital Assembly: SpaceX and the emergence of low-cost reusable rockets S01E22

Space Business Podcast Episode #87

Scaling Climate Tech #14 with Casey Handmer - TerraForm Industries: synthetic fuels from sunlight and CO2 captured from the air

SXSW 2050: Atoms vs Bits panel discussion

Multiverses Podcast with James Robinson

The Bunker: Galaxy Quest: Who are the start-ups banking on space?

I have also recorded several of my most popular blogs.

Harry Messel ISS 2023 Talk 1, Talk 2.

Why Mars is hard with the Foresight Institute.

How Terraform Industries will make the world carbon neutral on Abundance Makers podcast.

In defence of solar on the Age of Miracles podcast.

The Space Cave with Dave Huntsberger 2023 Part 1. Part 2

Pathfinder with Mo Islam: Starship is Misunderstood.

Startup Dad with Adam Fishman.

Pulling Methane From Thin Air, First Principles with Christian Keil.

Southern California Linux Expo Keynote 2024.

Tour of Terraform Industries with S3, and followup podcast

Synthetic natural gas from sunlight and air on the Over The Horizon podcast.

Are cleaner hydrocarbons possible on Climate Now with James Lawler.

Paving the world with solar, DER task force.