I really like mathematics. I've always been interested in it. I'm more analysis than algebra, though I certainly got a good dose of both learning the ways of quantum field theory. I reckon the fun starts at elliptic functions. I'm also hugely enthusiastic about geometric mechanics, though I'm not particularly good at it.

I love taking an idea and attacking it with Mathematica. Such projects in the past include

  • A program that turns an mp3 back into musical notation (work in progress!)

  • Mechanics of vibrations in space elevator tethers

  • A variant of nested sampling with genetic algorithm undertones

  • Modelling of alternative economic systems

  • Orbital mechanics

  • Fluid dynamics

  • Atmospheric heat transfer for weather prediction using an optical thermometer

  • Mechanics of atmospheric re-entry

  • Mechanisms for single-stage return from Mars

  • A genetic algorithm to find optimal routes for the Hyperloop