In addition to writing on my blog, I have contributed to a number of other fora over the years.

The Latecomer

We Will Build Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

Cosmopolitan Globalists

Long Live the Sun


As the Hyperloop One levitation engineer, I had the opportunity to write about our levitation strategy. 

Levitating Hyperloop on the company blog


I am a top writer on Quora, where I have written more than 1100 articles on a wide variety of topics. These answers have been republished on external blogs or media.

Technical challenges of photonic propulsion to Mars in Forbes

Relative difficulty of terraforming Mars and Venus on Slate

What data points lead us to believe there was life on Mars?


I frequently deploy my scientific expertise through the Science Entertainment Exchange, where I work with writers to improve the science in TV shows and movies, including How To Build Everything. I have a wide range of interests and am always happy to be asked to write, consult or fact check. If I am not the expert you're looking for, I will know the one you are looking for. 

I was acknowledged in "Ministry for the Future" by Kim Stanley Robinson.

I was acknowledged in "Escaping Gravity" by Lori Garver.

I contributed to the 2023 JP Morgan Annual Energy Paper

Caltech student newspaper

Between 2010 and 2015 I regularly contributed articles to the Caltech newspaper: The California Tech. These articles cover concert reviews, international affairs, science reporting, sport, social justice issues, and cultural commentary.

Mask of Sorrow

Organ recital - Cameron Carpenter at the LA Phil

Cedar Flat - book review

Lang Lang at the LA Phil

Dispatches from the cultural front: Laszlo Fassang plays organ at Walt Disney Hall

When Lucent Met Herakut and Latry at the LA Phil

Cameron Carpenter at the LA Phil

The Tesla Model S: What's all the fuss about?

The worst conference talk ever...

Report from The Amazing Meeting 2013

NASA Commercial Crew Transport Capability: Winners and Loser

Article: Hong Kong Protests

Elon Musk’s twitter: Time to unveil the D

Film review: Citizenfour moving, unsettling

Ukraine - 2014 in review

Obama reaches emissions agreement with China

Journalists murdered by fundamentalists in France

Dawn wall - conquered!

Daring FBI burglars to attend film screening of 1971 at Caltech

Why do smart individuals form stupid organizations?

Disease continues to exist in the world

Security Issues Complicated Advancement of Journalism

Women offer honest perspectives on grad school

Grad school, exploitation, and gender: the discussion continues

The California Tech: Caltech Space Challenge

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found guilty

Visions of the future with Kim Stanley Robinson

John Nash Dies in NJ Car Accident

More recent blog derived from harassment at Caltech