Casey Handmer PhD


As far as I know, "Casey Handmer" is a string that maps uniquely to me in time and space, so if google sent you here, you're on the right track. This website contains a mix of professional and personal information, organised thematically by the links on the left.

I recently founded Terraform Industries to do gigascale atmospheric hydrocarbon synthesis. A cheaper, cleaner way to make hydrocarbons from sunlight and air, soon to replace an oil well near you. We're hiring!

As of 2019, most of my extended writing activity is occurring on my blog.

Resume, Github, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, i.Materialize, Shapeways, Google Scholar, Google Patents, Contact, Call.

I am married to Dr Christine Corbett Moran.

The other Dr Handmer is my brother, a urological surgeon based in Newcastle, Australia. The other other Dr Handmer is my uncle, a retired professor of natural disasters at RMIT. The other other other, newest Dr Handmer is my sister, an expert on space law and policy. There are only about 40 living Handmers in the whole world, so if there are any other Dr Handmers out there, I can list them here with low overhead.