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Mars is Hard

Okay, so you're an enthusiast with a technical background, and you're interested in getting involved in the defining challenge of humanity; increasing our planet number to more than one. Or you're a journalist who wants to do some fact checking. Or a high school kid who saw The Martian and wants to know more.

This is my work in progress basically complete technical document (now available on Amazon) on some of the unsolved problems around the humans-to-Mars-and-back problem. I encourage readers with questions to follow the link and leave a comment on the google doc. The text has been completed and is in the revision, expansion, annotation, and illustration stage. Your feedback is highly valued!

Where does the water go when you terraform Mars? Handmer, C J. Waterfront on the Martian Planitia: Algorithmic emergent catchments on disordered terrain. Submitted: Icarus. arXiv:1606.05224

How to Get to Earth from Mars

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