As far as I know, "Casey Handmer" is a string that maps uniquely to me in time and space, so if google sent you here, you're on the right track. This website contains a mix of professional and personal information, organised thematically by the links on the left.

As of 2019, most of my extended writing activity is occurring on my blog.

10/8/2018 Extended blog on conceptual total asteroid survey using lots of autonomous stellar occultation cameras.
8/26/2018 Christine and I welcomed our first child, Yosemite Handmer.
3/12/2018 I started at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I'm working on GPS sensors.
3/4/2018 I published the transcript of my speeches at MSU Baroda, IIT Delhi, and NIT Trichy.
2/15/2018 Another patent for weird magnets goes public.
2/3/2018 I assembled and tested a prototype Tesla turbine
8/13/2017 I got married to Dr Christine Corbett Moran. Wedding blog!
6/25/2017-8/17/2017 I worked on planetary defense AIs with NASA through the Frontier Development Lab
6/26/2017 I noticed that my first patent was published.
2/24-3/4/2017 I played Peter in Caltech's production of "Company" by Stephen Sondheim.
1/30/2017 I helped Veritasium do a video on Hyperloop magnetic levitation.
1/14/2017 I released my book on Mars exploration technology on Amazon.
12/23/2016 I began my A license at Skydive Spaceland in Houston. 
11/10/2016 I gave a talk on Levitating the Hyperloop at Nerd Nite LA.
10/15/2016 I gave a talk on Levitating the Hyperloop at Wildwood Academy.
9/2/2016 I represented Hyperloop at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia.
6/27/2016-7/1/2016 I attended the Illustrating Mathematics workshop at ICERM in Providence.
1/4/2016 I was promoted at Hyperloop Technologies to Levitation Engineer.
11/29/2015 I got engaged to Dr Christine Corbett Moran.
11/22/2015 I earned my complex and high powered aircraft ratings.
9/26/2015 Mars Ice House wins the 3D-printed Mars habitat challenge - I consulted on structure and environment. 
9/20/2015 Started at Hyperloop Technologies.
6/12/2015 Graduated with my PhD at Caltech's 2015 commencement ceremony.
5/14/2015 I successfully defended my PhD thesis on Gravitational Wave simulations.
4/12/2015 I presented results of my gravitational wave research at the American Physical Society April Meeting.
3/27/2015 I was in Team Voyager, winning the Caltech Space Challenge to develop a crewed asteroid mission.
3/13/2015 I gave a talk on progress with Spectral CCE at the Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting.
2/5/2015 I gave a lab talk on the solar industry and development.
1/6/2015 My paper on Characteristic Evolution is featured in CQGPlus.
11/12/2014 The 3D printed Mars ring is now available in stainless steel.
10/2/2014 I gave a lab talk on why flying to the moon is only just possible.
9/11/2014 I gave a lab talk on the design and legacy of the Intel 8086 processor.
9/1/2014 A recording of my arrangement of Imagine Dragons - Radioactive was released.
8/25/2014 With the Coup de Foudre team we took a giant musical Tesla coil to Burning Man.
5/30/2014 I co-presented on controller hardware/software development for the AAReST satellite.
5/30/2014 I gave a lab talk on recent developments in the search for Magnetic Monopoles.
5/26/2014 I gave a field talk on young, alkalic magmatism in SE Utah.
4/6/2014 I gave a talk on yet more research progress in spectral CCE at APS.
3/28/2014 I gave a talk on more research progress in spectral CCE at PCGM.
12/6/2013 I gave a talk on research progress in spectral CCE at TASC.
11/21/2013 I gave a lab talk on Earth-Mars free-return trajectories, entitled "How not to die in space".
5/9/2013 I gave a lab talk on the Interplanetary Superhighway, in theory and practise.
4/15/2013 I presented a poster at APS concerning progress in my research.
1/31/2013 I gave a lab talk on some of the technical difficulties surrounding warp drives.
11/29/2012 I gave a lab talk on the physics and mathematics of space elevators. Summary.
11/9/2012 I gave a talk on various numerical methods for solving The PDE at TASC.
11/6/2012 I wrote a brief report on the geological history of Monterey Submarine Canyon.